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About the use of laptop keyboard and clean

Time:6/17/2017 11:14:54 AM

IBM's keyboard, 600 x is definitely a classic, used the 600 x mabin, very thick, and this is the beauty of IBM, Toshiba and SONY used during the period of notebook, feel is much worse, the keyboard is running stores, a lot of friends, use after a period of time, there will be a preview phenomenon, this statement is not actually, preview misleading, thought it was temporarily hand oil wipe up, wear is badly, with a bald, hair light, the solution is as follows.

1, use an external keyboard, although not good-looking, but can maximum reduce the keyboard usage, keep the love dearly.

2, the commonly used several key caps on transparent tape, although feel a loss, but can use for a long time. But I think it is not necessary, bought this thing is to use it.

3, daily cleaning, there are two, one is thoroughly clean, need to clean and remove the keyboard is a simple and clean, can turn it off, will lead to come over, laptop keyboard gently with the hand, make the inside of the clutter with gravity dust fall out; A small white washing brush can be used fur below the key cap impurity removal; Can also use compressed air blow out the tiger skin removed.

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